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Online Natural Gas & LNG Course


Innovative 6-module course takes participants on a journey from the basics of gas and LNG through to contemporary issues facing the industry. The modules begin with fundamental technical details of natural gas, including gas composition and units, conventional and unconventional gas (Coal Bed Methane and shale gas), LNG value chain, gas pipelines, and conclude with detailed discussions about pricing formulas, contracts economics, pricing and global trade patterns.


The information is delivered using ~150 slides integrated into 4 hours of video with verbal narrative by Vivek Chandra.


Materials for the course are based on Vivek Chandra's successful 3 day Natural Gas / LNG Dynamics course held over 27 times in 5 continents, and broadly derived from his bestselling book Fundamentals of Natural Gas: An International Perspective, published by Pennwell, the publishers of Oil and Gas Journal. (2nd Ed. in 2017) 


The course materials are hosted on a Learning Management Site (linked to this site via the Login page) and completely updated in 2019. 

Take this opportunity to efficiently and economically learn from a recognized global leader in the world of LNG and natural gas. Over 100 persons, from students to experienced professionals have taken this course. 


Watch video testimonial of a recent participant (A senior international lawyer) of this online course by clicking here.


Total course price is US$129.00

As a service to the educational community supporting aspiring professionals, the course is FREE for full time students. Please send me email to arrange free access.

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