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Online Natural Gas & LNG Course

Innovative 8-module course takes participants from the basic technical details of natural gas, including gas units, reserves, exploration and production, through unconventional gas (Coal Bed Methane and shale gas), LNG value chain, gas pipelines, gas usage (electricity, petrochemicals, transport fuels, gas-to-liquids), and concludes with detailed discussions about gas & LNG economics, pricing and global trade patterns. The course materials are hosted on a Learning Management Site (linked to this site via the Login page)

The internet-delivered course uses ~200 professionally-created dynamic slides and over 8 hours of verbal narrative by the instructor, Vivek Chandra.  Materials for the course are based on Vivek Chandra's successful 3 day Natural Gas / LNG Dynamics  course held over 25 times in 5 continents, and broadly derived from his bestselling book  Fundamentals of Natural Gas: An International Perspective, published by Pennwell, the publishers of Oil and Gas Journal. In 2017, the second edition of the book was published.


Vivek Chandra is a highly experienced global natural gas / LNG expert and is the CEO of Texas LNG, a 2x2 MTA export LNG project under development in Texas, USA.